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Kundalini Bodywork Training School

Over 15 years experience in Kundalini Training, encompassing all facets of Bodywork, energywork and healing. 

Working towards assisting clients with activation, awakening and removing blockages that occur in the body through the following:

Energy Work


Body Psychoanalysis

Chakra work and clearing


Somatic Psychology

Trauma Work

And much more....


Kundalini Massage is a somatic method of massage that allows you to access deep, core blockages held in the body to open the possibility for clear channels for kundalini energy flow.


Our thoughts are composed of experiences, traumas, memories, beliefs, neural patterns, and deeply held emotional complexities.


This information creates and maintains our idea of self and of the world around us.  


Our thoughts and mindset shape our personality, behaviour, habits, perceptions, sensations, physical capabilities, intellectual capacity, beliefs and attitudes which define us as individuals. Some of our core structure supports us while others limit us.


Energy is everything. Our thoughts are energy. They are energy signals transmitting a thought which therefore has a mass. The ions and molecules encoding the energetic signals have a mass too. As much as we would like to try, without touch, it is difficult to be able to know where in the body these energy signals are being blocked, what caused them and how to move them. This is where Kundalini Massage comes in.  



Kundalini Massage allows the client to understand where in the body lie the blockages. They understand on a conscious level and through the bodywork, how to move it and clear these signals as well as to willingly modify any energetic blockages caused by our thoughts and the things that are limiting our growth. This is information which restricts his or her ability to have the kundalini energy move in a smooth and free flowing way.


In the Kundalini Massage, we work through the relationship between the unconscious mind, the body and energy to reframe the individual into a clearer and more conscious individual that resides in their body vessel.


To do this, we use somatic massage and verbal mindfulness. This allows for a distinct state of consciousness characterised by a surrender to and acceptance of the happenings of the bodies energetic segments (chakras). The awareness leads to the awakening. The massage is a gentle sustained focus of attention inward, a conversation through psychoanalysis, a heightened sensitivity to specific areas of the body and the ability to observe and name the contents of consciousness.


Kundalini Massage is utilised and effective for all kinds of therapeutic situations. Whether you want to work through trauma, limiting beliefs, relationships, physical ailments, or mental health. Kundalini Massage is also fully realised for the process of growth, both personal and transpersonal and interpersonal.

Kundalini Massage is a somatic method of massage that allows you to access deep, core blockages held in the body to open the possibility for clear channels for kundalini energy flow.

Body PsychoAnalysis

Somatics, Cognitive Neuroscience & Transcendigenics

3 level program to start your own practice


Certification in Kundalini Massage & Accreditation with Association Membership


Learn Bioenergetics,  Chakra Diagnostics & a Full Body Massage Sequence.

Pressure Point Massage

Suitable for Yoga Teachers, Reiki Masters, Energy Healers, Therapists & Bodyworkers.


BioEnergetics, Body Psychoanalysis & Transcendigenics


Western awareness of the idea of Kundalini was strengthened by the psychoanalyst Carl Jung (1875-1961). Jung's seminar on Kundalini, presented to the Psychological Club in Zurich in 1932, has been widely regarded as a milestone in the psychological understanding of Eastern thought. Kundalini offered Jung a model for the development of higher consciousness, and he interpreted its symbols in terms of the process of individuation

Kundalini is a form of powerful energy located at the base of the spine.

It is believed to be a powerful lifeforce energy that governs our every moment. It is also the energy which connects us with the divine. 

This energy, when cultivated through practice, is believed to lead to spiritual liberation, or at least a more stoic and happy life. 

Kundalini derives its name from its focus upon the awakening of kundalini energy through the regular practice of MantraTantraYantraAsanas, Meditation and bodywork

When awakened, Kundalini is described as rising up from the muladhara chakra, through the central nadi (called sushumna) inside or alongside the spine reaching the top of the head. The progress of Kundalini through the different chakras is believed to achieve different levels of awakening and a mystical experience, until Kundalini finally reaches the top of the head, Sahasrara or crown chakra, producing an extremely profound transformation of consciousness.

The Kundalini Massage reverses the searchlights of intelligence, mind, and life force inward.

When awakened, the coiled way of the kundalini in the coccygeal plexus, and upward through the sacral, the lumbar, and the higher dorsal, cervical, and medullary plexuses, and the spiritual eye at the point between the eyebrows, to reveal finally the soul's presence in the highest center (Sahasrara) in the brain.

This work is a form of Spiritual and Energetic Psychotherapy. There is a powerful element to the bodywork which encompasses a way to allow you to see directly into the elements which are blocking your energetics.  

Kundalini Massage does not aim to awaken your Kundalini Energy - but rather to assist with removing blockages that are in the way of its movement and rising. 

Practitioner Training


The awakening of one's Kundalini is a byproduct of spiritual growth and takes place at higher spiritual levels.
The Kundalini is spiritual energy, which lies dormant, coiled at the base of the spine for an average person. Through spiritual practice it begins to rise from the base of the spine through the Central channel (Sushumna nadi) right to the top of the head. While it does so, the Kundalini awakens each of 7 chakras along the way.
Whatever the spiritual path, when there is spiritual growth the Kundalini rises. 

If there are blockages in the chakras, the Kundalini Energy moves at a different trajectory, rather than up the Sushumna channel and can cause unbalance in life. 

It is the task of Kundalini Massage to bring awareness to these areas of the body through psychoanalytic bodywork as well as through bioenergetics to assist in the straight movement of the energy of the body. The best way to do this is via talk therapy and bodywork (at the same time) to bring the unconscious to the conscious with the masseur as the guide to bring you to the ultimate awakening of your body, mind and spirit. 



The Power of the Program

There are, at times, unexplainable ailments that cause us to question the effectiveness of modern medicine and so we seek further answers in other alternative medicines. 

Trauma has become an increasingly interesting area of focus in relation to personal growth. Trauma lays hidden in the body and if left unattended, can harness effects to our body and mind while in an unconscious state. 

Shadow work and other means of therapies like Kundalini Massage, assist to overcome the hurdles that Trauma can cause to our individual selves. 

If you have been seeking another way in which you can assist your clients, through somatic bodywork, healing, understanding, education, and stimulation, then Kundalini Massage Practitioner Training is for you. 

This training is the most unique training of its kind in the world. 

Your seven chakra centers, which can be likened to springs of vibrational energy within your body, contribute to your sense of mental well-being. As a dynamic system driving your ability to function intellectually. the chakras are susceptible to negative energy. When this negative energy accumulates in your body over time, the result is the manifestation of a chakra block. Clearing your chakras of negative energy can help you regain mental clarity and feel like yourself again. However, in order to proceed with opening one or more of your chakras, you must first identify the source of the problem. You’ll be able to target your healing activities towards the closed or weak chakra once you’ve determined the location of your energy disturbance.

Throughout the Kundalini experience, the therapist will go through personal and private questions with you, to determine which energy centre is blocked and needs to be cleared. This is a beautiful and powerful tool. Once you’ve located a dysfunctional chakra, you can go about clearing it. Since the experience of mental block relates to your ability to control your thoughts and access the information stored in your mind, meditation, prompting, Massage therapy, pranayama and a mixture of all, is the best way to restore a blockage. When you meditate with your focus on the chakra centre you need to heal. you learn to quieten your mind and eradicate mental chaos and confusion. Kundalini Bodywork Therapy allows you to practice your ability to focus and conscientiously build your mental awareness. Just as you might clean up a room filled with clutter.  

Kundalini Massage is the method of awakening latent powers of super consciousness that are dormant in humans within their sushumna nadi or spinal cord. Kundalini is a form of energy (knowledge and consciousness energy) laying dormant at the base of your spine, which can be awakened by different methods. Moving of Kundalini energy up the energy chakras or special energy centers in the sushumna opens the doors of knowledge and blissful divine experiences.

 This kundalini is compared to a snake coiled and sleeping within muladhara chakra, the lowest energy centre of sushumna in the spinal cord. When arisen, the energy moves up through the different energy centres through the spine to reach the seventh chakra. The conscious effort to awaken kundalini should be practised only under the guidance of a kundalini massage therapist. The high spiritual awareness and enlightened state that one achieves by awakening may be beyond the control of the person. There can also be imbalances in the mind and body of the person, which a massage therapist can identify and appropriately rectify. Experiencing Kundalini Massage is not easy for anyone. People practising this may be frightened by the experience of sudden energy flow through their body, the smell, touch and sounds they experience with the moving of kundalini. They also may be distracted by the energy flow they get.

Pranayama can be combined to access kundalini energy. Meditation is another method of awakening kundalini. Some methods of yoga or bodywork employ harsh techniques to awaken the dormant power, while others just soothe the energy fields so that kundalini can enter the energy channels softly. Concentrating on the kundalini energy field while practising pranayama in a pose designed for deep meditation can awaken kundalini energy very quickly. The person may or may not be able to handle the energy flow. Many yogis believe it is not OK to awaken Kundalini without the presence of a teacher, while others frown down the idea and say it is OK to awaken the energy. There are different techniques of awakening kundalini energy. Know that it is a powerful energy and an inability to control the energy may lead to several problems including mental imbalances.

Throughout the course we will look into all these areas and more. 

Note: Kundalini Massage is not a method to 'awaken' the kundalini. That is not the intention. It is a method to work through the blockages in order to prevent adverse reactions from the kundalini energy in the body. 

When you focus on the core, you are able to open the chanels without adverse reactions. 


Learn it, Live it, love it



International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

International Holistic Accreditation Board
Approved Training Provider & Approved Course 


International Institute of Complementary Therapists
26 countries globally


The Complimentary Medical Association



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Jung used the Kundalini system symbolically as a means of understanding the dynamic movement between conscious and unconscious processes. He cautioned that all forms of yoga, when used by Westerners, can be attempts at domination of the body and unconscious through the ideal of ascending into higher chakras.  According to Carl Jung "... the concept of Kundalini has for us only one use, that is, to describe our own experiences with the unconscious ..." 



Reich says that few of us experience a full Energetic Responce in life. A full release implies that one is in full possession of oneself first. That is in order to fully "lose" yourself you must first be fully embodied as a sovereign spiritual entity. But if we have been conditioned into repressing the best and the worst in us to fit into our parents/societal program there is no way that we are either going to be fully souled, fully sexed or even in touch with our shadow. And this is where the neurodetoxification of repression comes in as a method of soul and energy retrieval.


"A totality of response to any situation is unusual in our culture. We are all in too much conflict to surrender fully to any feeling." 

P.245 Alexander Lowen, Bioenergetics.

As we evolve, we need to honour our animal-responses in order to not become rigid, suppressive and enervated (loss of energy). Thus we need to deal with shock, fear, anger, stress and grief by skillful means to avoid the tendency toward cumulative neurotoxic repression.

The popularization of eastern spiritual practices has been associated with psychological problems in the west. Psychiatric literature notes that "since the influx of eastern spiritual practices and the rising popularity of meditation starting in the 1960s, many people have experienced a variety of psychological difficulties, either while engaged in intensive spiritual practice or spontaneously". Among the psychological difficulties associated with intensive spiritual practice we find "Kundalini awakening", "a complex physio-psychospiritual transformative process described in the yogic tradition". Researchers in the fields of Transpersonal psychology have described a complex pattern of sensory, motor, mental and affective symptoms associated with the concept of Kundalini, sometimes called the Kundalini syndrome.

Kundalini Massage and Psychoanalytic Bodywork assists with looking deeper into our programming and understanding the depth of what has made us who we are and what is our limitations to who we want to become.  

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