Release the Dormant Energies Lying in your Body


Kundalini Bodywork & Therapy is a progressional Therapy & Bodywork Program working with your Kundalini Energy.


Uncovering the obstacles to Kundalini Awareness and Assisting with Chakra Energetic Blockages in your Body, Kundalini Bodywork & Therapy is a powerful and subtle way to assist you to move energy in your body, and allow that Kundalini Energy to Flow.


Techniques and lessons learnt in this training will enhance other areas of your life also. That is why a lot of people are taking the Kundalini Practitioner training for Self Development and not just Practitioner Training. If you would like to attend this event for personal self Growth and cleansing, please do so. As you will be able to find areas in your life in which you need to work through in order to manifest abundance, progress, and power within your own life.


This practitioner training is excellent for Couples also, who can learn hands on skills for their relationships and work through those issues together with their partner. The strong energetic flow in the body involves currents and channels which enable a flow of natural and universal energies.


Within the Kundalini Bodywork the practitioner works with gentle Touch, chakra diagnostics, bioenergetics, and body psychoanalysis, to assist with the Kundalini flow in the body. 


Through powerful pranayama breathwork, bodywork and talk therapy, the movement of the kundalini will be more and more stronger as you work your way up through the body finally arriving at the Crown Chakra. Clear any blockages from your past, present and future experiences. Allow any issues which are laying within your body on an energetic, spiritual or emotional level to subside so that you can finally allow the channels to open up to a Kundalini activation.


Kundalini Bodywork & Therapy is an amazing program, whereby a greater insight into the functioning of the internal body as well as the energetics of the body and will allow you to grow, expand and be a better Self, both internally, spiritually, energetically, and physically.


Welcome to the Institute of Kundalini Therapy & Bodywork


We aim to provide authentic and professional Kundalini Therapy Training to Enhance the global holistic community to grow and learn the vital aspects of assisting clients into a conscious and aware state through their Kundalini Energy.


Kundalini Energy is often misinterpreted and Misunderstood. Our training will allow holistic therapists, massage therapists, Counsellors, Yoga Instructors and others in similar health and healing modalities to learn this important hand on massage skill. Through bodywork, the clients energy is transformed into an opening, awakening and assistance in Activation.