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Kundalini Massage is a 3-level training in Kundalini Massage, Body psychoanalysis and Somatic Therapies.

 The teaching involves both theory and experiential training which includes touch, Massage, bodywork, chakra diagnostics and mapping, education in Body Energetic, breath work, Pranayamas, Asana, Psychoanalysis, and neuroscience.

The program is designed for practitioner to offer this service in Kundalini energetics who are curious and want to learn more. This is a modality offered to the beginner. Practitioners who are trained in this modality are also working from an ethical framework and code of conduct outlined in the training to work from a space of education and therapy. The Training is not a method to awaken or activate the Kundalini Energy, but rather a method to assist in recognizing and working through blockages of the Energy Channels that inhibit the Kundalini energy from reaching its potential.




 This training has 15 modalities to the training.


Module 1: Course Intro


Module 2: About Kundalini


Module 3: Sushumna, ida & Pingala


Module 4: Prana


Module 5: The Fundamentals


Module 6: The Chakras


Module 7: Guided Meditations


Module 8: The Massage


Module 9: Session 1: Diagnostics


Module 10: Session 2: Bioenergetics


Module 11: Session 3: Integration


Module 12: Starting your practice


Module 13: Resources


Module 14: Final Assessment


Module 15: Completion and Certification

Course Learning Objectives


  • Kundalini teaches us that the most profound way of learning is through self-education and understanding of the Self. The self is a larger component of the universe and the universe within the self. This will enable the students to be able to teach baseline Kundalini principles to clients who are new to Kundalini exploration.

  • Participants learn to practice touch, energy exchange, and movement through powerful breathwork and a deeper understanding of how the chakra system works.

  • Participants learn to understand more of the self through deeper psychoanalysis of the energy systems of the body.

  • Participants learn powerful breathing techniques and how these breaths benefit the body and brain.

  • Participants learn the difference between eastern and western influences on the energetic system. 

  • Participants learn the fundamentals of healing and therapy by understanding how neurotransmitters work and how neuroscience has an effect on how we think and function in the world.

  • Participants learn to understand how biohacking is a powerful tool to accomplish outcomes in shorter amounts of time

  • Participants learn how the nervous system works and the difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

  • Participants learn to encompass a deeper empathy for all humans.

  • Participants learn how to teach others about chakras, pranayama, movement, touch, sound, awareness, consciousness, vegetotherapy, bioenergetics and yoga.

  • Participants learn how to structure sessions by timekeeping, intake forms, clarifying objectives, client communication, and ongoing training of the practitioner to their clients.

  • Participants learn how to help clients with psychosomatic disorders that other professionals may not be able to assist with especially in the area of chakra and energy diagnostics.

  • Participants learn how to begin a successful Kundalini massage professional practice.

  • Participants can learn the baseline practices of Kundalini and teach this to their clients in order to prepare them for more advanced or master classes in Kundalini Massage.

  • Participants are involved in the upgrade and enhancement of their client's lives through personal self-development utilizing skills, tools, techniques, and practices

  • Participants learn the importance of boundaries, consent, and professionalism in therapeutic practices

  • Participants learn the importance of marketing and advertising and the power of social media in promoting their work as well as marketing skills.

  • Participants are offered association membership which enables further education and support as well as insurance cover for their Kundalini massage practice for added peace of mind.

  • Participants are able to offer an alternative look into their clients symptoms and offer a different approach to their healing.

  • Participants are able to offer a trauma informed session and utilise skills from somatic psychology 

  • Participants are able to offer an additional service to their current practice. Both professionally and personally. 



Description of Training


This course prepares practitioners to teach the foundational teachings of Kundalini Diagnostics to clients who are curious and want to learn more about their bodies and experience an alternative way to approach their kundalini energy.   Teaching Baseline Kundalini theory, participants learn a variety of Bodywork techniques that are presented to their clients including Chakra Diagnostics, Energy Movement, Pranayama, Body dynamics, sublimation, Psychoanalysis, Biohacking, neuroscience – Namely Neurogenesis, Energy Controlling Techniques, and spirituality.


These are taught by completing the training with a 'Model” or 'Body” which is practiced on throughout the training.

 The learning is individual and self paced. 

There is an extensive 200+ page professionally written Manual in full color including over 15 handouts. There are also slides, and extensive exercises and written references, and materials to read and study over the training period.


As a final assessment, Students will film the complete sequence and hand that in for assessment and review.  There is also a 3 month period of after-study assistance, supervising, and mentoring offered to the students for when they begin to offer sessions or want to practice further to polish their skills. We welcome diversity in age, culture, background, life experience, sexual orientation, and gender identities, characteristics, or expressions.


Course Structure




Students complete a minimum of 6 hours of Kundalini Massage sessions in order to polish and learn the program.  The practicum involves a report on their experience of the practice sessions and any questions that arose during this session. Including the psychoanalysis of the client in which to better ask the right questions and open and close the energetics of trauma, PTSD, personal experiences, Shadow work, and unconscious programming. 




Upon completion of all requirements, students are awarded the DIPLOMA in Kundalini Massage (SOMATIC BIOENERGETICS)


Prerequisites For Enrolment


The training is designed for individuals who have a deep interest in helping others. You are not judgmental or prejudice and accept all humans from all walks of life and sexual orientation. Your intention is to provide a therapeutic and educational service to clients. You are interested in Eastern practices and have has some understanding of Kundalini, Yoga, and Energy Centers of the body and want to add to and improve this understanding through a sequenced professional program or you want to add this as a modality to a new practice or a current practice.


Course Fees


The course fees are on the website This could change from time to time.  




You can enrol into the course through the link on

Refund Policy


Please be 100% sure that you would like to complete the program as a non refund policy applies. 



In order to be able to finalise and gain certification after the course, you are required to film yourself giving the three level session to a client. You will need to find a willing participant who will be in the video for you. You will upload yourself conducting the sessions as well as the verbal content required. The team will assess your work and award you certification upon completion. There are ways in which you are able to film yourself without your face showing if this is an issue for you, however, this is a requirement of the course completion process. 


The Power of The Program

There are, at times, unexplainable ailments that cause us to question the effectiveness of modern medicine and so we seek further answers in other alternative medicines. 

Trauma has become an increasingly interesting area of focus in relation to personal growth. Trauma lays hidden in the body and if left unattended, can harness effects to our body and mind while in an unconscious state. 

Shadow work and other means of therapies like Kundalini Massage, assist to overcome the hurdles that Trauma can cause to our individual selves. 

If you have been seeking another way in which you can assist your clients, through somatic bodywork, healing, understanding, education, and stimulation, then Kundalini Massage Practitioner Training is for you. 

This training is the most unique training of its kind in the world. 

Your seven chakra centers, which can be likened to springs of vibrational energy within your body, contribute to your sense of mental well-being. As a dynamic system driving your ability to function intellectually. the chakras are susceptible to negative energy. When this negative energy accumulates in your body over time, the result is the manifestation of a chakra block. Clearing your chakras of negative energy can help you regain mental clarity and feel like yourself again. However, in order to proceed with opening one or more of your chakras, you must first identify the source of the problem. You’ll be able to target your healing activities towards the closed or weak chakra once you’ve determined the location of your energy disturbance.

Throughout the Kundalini experience, the therapist will go through personal and private questions with you, to determine which energy centre is blocked and needs to be cleared. This is a beautiful and powerful tool. Once you’ve located a dysfunctional chakra, you can go about clearing it. Since the experience of mental block relates to your ability to control your thoughts and access the information stored in your mind, meditation, promting, Massage therapy, pranayama and a mixture of all, is the best way to restore a blockage. When you meditate with your focus on the chakra centre you need to heal. you learn to quieten your mind and eradicate mental chaos and confusion. Kundalini Bodywork Therapy allows you to practice your ability to focus and conscientiously build your mental awareness. Just as you might clean up a room filled with clutter.  


Kundalini Massage is the method of awakening latent powers of super consciousness that are dormant in humans within their sushumna nadi or spinal cord. Kundalini is a form of energy (knowledge and consciousness energy) laying dormant at the base of your spine, which can be awakened by different methods. Moving of Kundalini energy up the energy chakras or special energy centers in the sushumna opens the doors of knowledge and blissful divine experiences.

 This kundalini is compared to a snake coiled and sleeping within muladhara chakra, the lowest energy centre of sushumna in the spinal cord. When arisen, the energy moves up through the different energy centres through the spine to reach the seventh chakra. The conscious effort to awaken kundalini should be practised only under the guidance of a kundalini massage therapist. The high spiritual awareness and enlightened state that one achieves by awakening may be beyond the control of the person. There can also be imbalances in the mind and body of the person, which a massage therapist can identify and appropriately rectify. Experiencing Kundalini Massage is not easy for anyone. People practising this may be frightened by the experience of sudden energy flow through their body, the smell, touch and sounds they experience with the moving of kundalini. They also may be distracted by the energy flow they get.

Pranayama can be combined to access kundalini energy. Meditation is another method of awakening kundalini. Some methods of yoga or bodywork employ harsh techniques to awaken the dormant power, while others just soothe the energy fields so that kundalini can enter the energy channels softly. Concentrating on the kundalini energy field while practising pranayama in a pose designed for deep meditation can awaken kundalini energy very quickly. The person may or may not be able to handle the energy flow. Many yogis believe it is not OK to awaken Kundalini without the presence of a teacher, while others frown down the idea and say it is OK to awaken the energy. There are different techniques of awakening kundalini energy. Know that it is a powerful energy and an inability to control the energy may lead to several problems including mental imbalances.

Throughout the course we will look into all these areas and more. 

Note: Kundalini Massage is not a method to 'awaken' the kundalini. That is not the intention. It is a method to work through the blockages in order to prevent adverse reactions from the kundalini energy in the body. 

When you focus on the core, you are able to open the chanels without adverse reactions. 


Learn it, Live it, love it


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