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Kundalini Massage is here

Kundalini Massage was only exclusively offered in 3 clinics globally -  Now ready to be launched to the world. 

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We are excited to announce the Professional Certified and Accredited Kundalini Massage Practitioner training



A brand new, powerful modality to completely transform your clients quality of life. 

Kundalini Massage is a somatic method of massage that allows you to access deep, core blockages held in the body to open the possibility for clear channels for kundalini energy flow.

In the Kundalini Massage, we work through the relationship between the unconscious mind, the body and energy to reframe the individual into a clearer and more conscious individual that resides in their body vessel.


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Kundalini Massage will become one of the worlds most powerful unique modalities in the world. At a time where mental health systems need an overhaul, Kundalini Massage is the modality everyone has been waiting for. Body psychotherapy and Kundalini combined to be one of the most potent and beautiful experiences to assist with lifestyle, Trauma, Mental Health, Physical health, relationships and more. 

Professional Accreditation

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Program created by a Psychotherapist  

Sometimes talk therapy doesn't quite reach the areas that it needs to reach, other time, massage or bodywork just doesn't quite cut it. Body psychotherapy and somatic psychobio therapies miss the mark. 


Jaida sought to bridge these modalities into one both combining the universal concept of Kundalini (which is found in every ideology, theology and philosophy globally) with psychotherapy. Bioenergetics can be too harsh at times, and yoga and other physical therapies very tough for some. Therefore it was time to bring forward a new approach. 

To do this, we use somatic massage and verbal mindfulness. This allows for a distinct state of consciousness characterised by a surrender to and acceptance of the happenings of the bodies energetic segments (chakras). The awareness leads to the awakening. The massage is a gentle sustained focus of attention inward, a conversation through psychoanalysis, a heightened sensitivity to specific areas of the body and the ability to observe and name the contents of consciousness.


Kundalini Massage is utilised and effective for all kinds of therapeutic situations. Whether you want to work through trauma, limiting beliefs, relationships, physical ailments, or mental health. Kundalini Massage is also fully realised for the process of growth, both personal and transpersonal and interpersonal.

3 Level Program to offer your clients

15 Modules

Convenience of Self Paced online study

Ready to offer sessions upon completion

You will be able to advertise yourself as a Kundlaini Massage Practitioner

Extensive Manual to keep with you for life

Business Tools to help build your business

Add an additional service to your wellness business

Practical and theoretical training tips

Training of a high standard

Association Membership option

Insurance Cover option

Increase your $$ earning potential

Conducting only a handful of sessions covers the cost of the course

Lots of downloads, handouts and forms created and compiled for you.

Full Page Profile on Website

Facebook Support

Assistance Post Study with clients

Exclusive access to face to face events

First to be offered future Teachers Training course, Workshop facilitation and retreats.


Pre-Launch Registration

We are at Beta Stage of the program however, we are offering 50% off the course if you register during the pre-launch. 
To register - fill in your email details below and we will let you know before global launch and offer you a 50% discount link. 

Be one of the first to be a Kundalini Massage Practitioner in your city. 

Kundalini Course



you for registering for 50% off pre-launch

This is the ONLY program of its kind in the world


Become one of the worlds FIRST Kundalini Massage Therapists

Neck Massage


Ive been working in the field of Kundalini for over a decade and i have not seen anything like this program before. As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, this is unique and powerful and I have begun offering this to my students as a stepping stone to more advanced kundalini programs. Its amazing

Emma - Beta Tester - Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Even if you offer other types of massage, or bioenergetics, or somatic bodywork, this program is so structured and different to anything else. Clients love the massage element, it helps them to open up so much deeper and they feel the energy move as they describe it. Highly recommend you add this to your services. 

Matt - Beta Tester - Physical Therapist

Register Below for 50% off Pre Launch Special

Kundalini Course



you for registering for 50% off pre-launch

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